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দশম শ্রেণী ইংরেজি মডেল অ্যাক্টিভিটি টাস্ক পার্ট ৩ । Model Activity Task English Class 10 Question And Answer Part 3 । The old man was too tired to walk.

Model Activity Task English Class 10 Question And Answer Part 3

দশম শ্রেণী ইংরেজি মডেল অ্যাক্টিভিটি টাস্ক পার্ট  ৩ । Model Activity Task English Class 10 Question And Answer Part  3

1. Read the text given below and answer the questions that follow:

We had a kite that was big and covered with lovely red paper. We pasted gold tinsel stars all over it and had written our names full on it- Claude Leete and Philippa Leete, Big Half Moon lighthouse.

One day there was a grand wind for kite-flying. I'm not sure how it happened, but as I was bringing the kite from the house. I tripped and fell over the rocks. My clbow went clear through the kite, making a big hole.

We had to hurry to fix the kite if we wanted to send it up before the wind fell. We rushed into the lighthouse to get some paper. We knew there was no more red paper. We took the first thing that came handy an old letter lying on the bookcase in the sitting room. We patched the kite up with the letter, a sheet on ca id and dried it by the fire. We started out, and up went the kite like a bird. The wind was glorious d i. soared. All at once snap! And there was Claude, standing with a bit of cord in his hand, looking foolish. Our kite had sailed away over to the mainland.

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The narrator's elbow went clear through________________.

Ans :- The kite , making a big hole .

(b) After patching up the kite, they dried________________.

Ans :-
it by the fire .

(c) The kite soared like ______________.

Ans :-
a bird .

(2). Rewrite the sentences according to the instructions given in brackets:

(a) She had read the story. (Change the Voice)

Ans :- the story had been read by her .

(b) He asked his friends, "Are you going to play today?" (Change into Indirect Speech)

Ans :- he asked his friends if they were going to play that day .

(c) The old man was too tired to walk. (Rewrite the sentence using 'so . that')

Ans :- the old man is so tired that he could not Walk .

(3). Write a story in about 100 words using the following points:

[a fisherman went to sea- a storm arose -boat wrecked - he fell into the sea-floated for five days - only drank rain water - rescued by a ship-returned home]

ans :-
 A Fisherman and His Boat

Once there lived a fisherman in a village. Every day he was to go to sea for fishing to earn his bread. One day, as usual, he went to sea for fishing but that day the weather was dark and cloudy. A heavy storm started with rainfall. Due to this torrential Stormy rain his boat upturned and wrecked badly. He fell into the sea. He felt frightened and cried "help me ! help mel someone please help me l" but no one came there. He kept floating on the sea about five days but still he had some hope to be rescued very soon Being hungry and thirsty he drank rain water to quench his thirst .On the fifth day a ship was seen on the sea. He shouted for help. Finally the fisherman was rescued by shipman and he returned home safely.

Moral :- hope for the best but prepare for the worst .