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Model activity tasks English Class 9 .

Model activity tasks
Class - 9

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

The average zoo day begins just before dawn. The sky will be slightly tinged yellow when you are awakened by the . Birdsong . You can hear a Robin singing . You hear the rich fruity , slightly hoarse cries of the touracos and a joyful blackbird . As the last of the song dies the white headed thrush hursts into an excited cry . Looking out into the courtyard , on the velvet green lawns , you can see an camest group of peahens searching the dewy grass a male peahen is dancing , his bumished trail raised like a fountain in the sunlight .
                   Activity - 1

Write the activities of the following birds :

(a) White - headed thrush _______________________.

Ans - White - headed thrush_____ bursts into an excited cry .

(b) Groups of peahens ____________.

Ans -Groups of peahens___ searching the dewy grass .

(C) A made peahen :-

Ans -A made peahen___  Is dancing his burnished tail raised like a fountain in the sunlight.


                             Activity - 2

Write the correct alternative to fill in the blanks :-

(a) He ______(am/will/ is ) arrive here by tomorrow .

Ans - Will .

(b) She ________ (is/has/have) been studying since morning .

Ans - has.

(c) They have ___________ (come/came/comes) from far .

Ans - comes .

                            Activity - 3

Write a letter to your friend within 100 words about the importance of reading newspapers . Use the following points :

✓✓ provide information - widens outlook - enriches knowledge - good habit .

16-D Boulevard Apts

81, New Tank Road


Chennai 600106

16 July 2020

Dear Rasmika,

Hope this letter reaches you in pink health. How are your parents and your brother Sachin doing? So, how is your summer vacation been so far? I am spending my summer vacation this time doing something fruitful. Yes, I started reading the newspaper daily. And let me tell you, this good habit offers us a great sense of educational value.

It carries information about economy, politics, sports,  entertainment industry, business, commerce, and trade that enriches our knowledge. This way  we are up-to-date of what is happening in our country as well as the whole world. Besides, it enhances our language skills and vocabulary. After fostering this habit, I feel reading newspapers is a must for young learners. I would highly recommend that you too cultivate this habit.

I need to leave for my badminton class, so I shall end for now. Convey my regards to your parents and brother. Do reply without fail

Yours lovingly


                       Model activity tasks
                             Class - 9

(1) Read the text carefully and answer questions that follow :-

The children were carger to sun . They had been on venus all their lives . They had been only two years old when the sun last came out . They had long since forgotten the coloand and the heat of how it really was . they played in the echoing tunnels of the underground city the sang summer and the sun .
The rain stopped.

(A) complete the following sentences with information from the text :

(i) the children had been only _______.

Ans -the children had been only___ two years to when the sun .

(ii) When the sun last came out the children ______.

Ans -When the sun last came out the children__ were too years old .

(iii) The children had forgotten the ______.

Ans -The children had forgotten the__ cobur and the heat of how it really .

(2.) Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct alternative given in brackets :

When - see (see/Saw/seen) a star - shoots (shoot/shoots/shooting) across the sky , he - breathing ( breathed/breathing/breathe) a prayer .

(3). Write a letter to the manager of a courier service in about 100 words , enquiring about the delivery of a precious parcel to your home .

The Manager,
Fast Courier
Sub: enquiring about the delivery of a precious parcel
Dear Sir,

Hope that you are fine. I am writing this letter to file a complain against the delivery of an important parcel of mine. Its been 20 days that the parcel was sent from Calcutta and your office is saying that they havent recieved the parcel and delivery is slow due to covid situation.

My Order ID is : 123456789

Kindly enquire this issue, its important for me to get this parcel

Hope to have your response on this.

yours faithfully

Delhi South Zone

Mr. Sunil Mondal